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    Medium & Heavy Steel Structure

    Citramas Heavy Industries provides engineering, fabrication and construction across the Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Power Plant and Transmission, Bridge, Petrochemical and Refinery Sectors.

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    Steel Structure

    Our reputation for quality products and outstanding service has allowed the company to expand our portfolio to include Towers, as well as Medium and Heavy Steel Structures.

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    Hot Dip Galvanizing

    Citramas Heavy Industries also owns a galvanizing facility in Indonesia which boasts 50.000 tonne per year capacity. Citramas Heavy Industries offers galvanizing for steel structures.



Growing With Commitment

Citramas Heavy Industries is a company that has grown and developed based on great commitment to our clients, stakeholders and shareholders. Internally, this means that we provide an excellent working environment for our employees, as well as working to achieve significant returns for our shareholders. For our clients, this means providing the best quality service. The implementation of Citramas Heavy Industries business development concept ensures loyalty to existing customers is honored, while also making a concerted effort to form relationships with new clients.

This commitment, and the team of professionals working at Citramas, has culminated in the company remaining strong and continuing to grow, in spite of such events as the economic crisis that swept Indonesia in the late 90's. Our reputation for quality has allowed Citramas to become one the leading players in engineering, fabrication and heavy industries in Indonesia. The Company's growth in assets has also been consistent year after year.

President Director

Z.A. Syaugi Mohdar